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Jerusalem Tourist Tips

The Western Wall in Jerusalem,  is the last remaining wall from the Second Temple destroyed in 70CE by the Romans. Tourists may leave a personal note in the wall with their wish for the future.

The Haas Promenade ( in Talpiot ) has the most wonderful view of the Old City ( and a cute restaurant in the middle of the promenade open on Fridays and Saturdays only with one of the best views in the world!) This unique promenade features paths of Jerusalem stone, wooden pergolas, and terraces landscaped with olive trees. It is wonderful place to run, and enjoy the air.

Nahalat Shiva is a pedestrian shopping area in West Jerusalem, featuring a wide variety of restaurants and quaint shops. The entire street is renovated from early 1900's buildings. and is a perfect place to have breakfast at one of the many outdoor cafes.

The New Train Station Complex - which is actually Jerusalem's old train station, is now a restaurant and entertainment complex, located on Hebron Road, directly opposite the Dan Boutique Hotel. From the station, one can also walk for around 5 kilometers along the old train track through various Jerusalem neighborhoods, through the Arab village of Bet Safafa, and all the way to the Malcha shopping Mall. The walk is highly recommended, especially on a warm evening.

TIP for Tourists

Money Exchange - Rule number 1: Do not exchange your money in a bank! The commission charged is astronomical! The Israeli public has been paying for years for the greed of the banking sector. The solution is to go to "Change" shops scattered around most city centers. They take no commission and equal the bank rates. Furthermore, don't change your money in the first place you find. Ask how much you get for your currency, then move on to the next place. Upon hearing the first quote, you will undoubtedly be offered a higher exchange rate. Continue until you know you've reached their top limit.

The Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem - One of the most  pleasant surprises in Jerusalem is its wonderful zoo. The zoo is set in a remarkable landscape, and offers a wonderful day out for both adults and children alike.

Israelis dress casually. You will be hard pressed to find a suit and tie here, even in The Prime Minister's office. However, oddly enough, even on hot summer days, it is not considered polite for men to take off their shirts, and is only seen among tourists!

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